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Getting Started With Google Workspace

Looking To Get Your Company Started With Google Workspace?

If yes, hiring an expert is the right choice, and it will make everything radically easier for you.

Google Workspace has a learning curve. As a beginner, even if you are very tech-savvy, it will still take you a long time to set your company up, configure all basic and advanced required settings, and so on.

Getting an expert to assist you with getting started will save a lot of time, money, and energy, as well as help you take advantage of all available options.

Who Is This For

Who is This For?

This is ideal for you if:

● You need to get your company started with Google Workspace.
● No one in your company has experience as a Google Workspace administrator.
● Some people in your company have experience, but you would rather have an expert set up your account.

Service Details

Service Details

Here is a list of everything I will do for you:

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Google Workspace Introduction

● I will help you choose the most appropriate subscription plan.
● I will help you register your company’s Google Workspace account.

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Google Workspace Onboarding and Setup

● I will verify your domain ownership in Google Workspace (a mandatory technical step to activate your account).
● I will set up MX records in your domain’s DNS (a mandatory technical step to enable email delivery to your account).
● I will add any additional domains in your account. Then I will verify your domain ownership, and set up MX and other records.
● I will create organizational units, which help you sort your users into groups and allow you to apply different settings to different groups of users.
● I will create your employees’ Google Workspace user accounts.
● I will configure your employees’ access to Google services.
● I will implement security settings that protect your account.

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Complete Advanced Email Setup

● I will create FREE additional email addresses and show you how to create more in the future.
● I will set up your domain’s Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record to reduce the chances of your emails going to spam.
● I will set up your domain’s DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) record to further reduce the chances of your emails going to spam.
● I will set up Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) for your domain to increase your account’s security and protect your employees from spoofing.
● I will create all your groups and internal mailing lists. I will also configure your groups’ settings as you require.
● I will set up email forwarding and advanced routing rules.
● I will enable email safety settings to maximize your employees’ security in Gmail.
● If you have Google Vault, I will set it up to retain data indefinitely in order to meet legal requirements.

The Cherry On Top

A HUGE Bonus: The Cherry on Top

● I will provide special additional training resources (step-by-step guides with screenshots) you and other admins can use to handle any administrative task yourself.
● I will provide special additional training resources your whole team can use to learn Google Workspace easily and quickly.
● I will provide step-by-step instructions on using the additional training resources.

Professional Experience

The Expert’s Professional Google Workspace Experience

My name is Nick, and you can learn more about my Google Workspace experience at

Also, you can check my resume and interview videos.

Price Tag

Pricing and Completion Time Frame

The pricing of this service varies depending on your specific requirements.

This service includes a wide range of tasks, many of which may have to be repeated lots of times.

The price will be calculated based on the type of tasks and the number of repetition required.

Generally speaking, you can expect the following pricing:

Small businesses with 1 to 10 people: From $200 to $500, done in 1 day
Medium-sized businesses with 11 to 49 people: From $500 to $2000, done in up to 2 days
Large businesses with 50 to 99 people: From $2000 to $5000, done in up to 3 days
XL businesses with 100+ people: Starting from $5000, large accounts can take around 3 days, even more for 1,000+/10,000+

Fair Service

Fair Service and Money Back Guarantee

The following fair service policy is in place to ensure complete fairness and best results:

When the work is done, you get a form.

For every specific thing such as account verification, users, email setup, etc., you get to choose if you’re happy or not and provide feedback.

Anything you’re not happy with, you don’t have to pay for – its cost gets deducted from the final price and sent back to you.

How To Start Checklist

How to Get Started

Here is how the whole process of requesting the service goes. It only takes a few steps:

Step 1: Understanding and Preparing for the Service

Required time: approximately 90 minutes.

Click this link to open a Google Drive folder called “What You Need to Know”.

1 – First, you must choose the best Google Workspace subscription plan for your business.
For assistance with this, open the folder linked above and view the document titled “Introduction to the Google Workspace subscription plans.”

2 – Second, you must register your company’s Google Workspace account.
(You must do this yourself to set up your payment details. Your payment info will remain private.)
For assistance with this, open the folder and view the document titled “Create a Google Workspace account.”

3 – Third, you must understand basic Google Workspace concepts so you can take full advantage of all your options.
To learn these concepts quickly, view the following documents in the folder:

“Introduction to Users”
“Introduction to Organizational Units”
“Introduction to Email Aliases”
“Introduction to Groups”
“Introduction to Email Routing Rules”
“Introduction to Google Vault”

Step 2: Requesting the Service

Now that you are familiar with the basic concepts, you can tell the expert exactly what you want him to do for you.

Next, go to this page to see how to specify your requirements for the service.

When you are ready, send all the requirements by email to

Step 3: Calculating the Price

The expert will check and verify your requirements, and make sure everything is ok.
If yes, he will calculate the price and delivery time frame and contact you by email with more details.
If not, he will get back to you by email to make any necessary corrections.

Step 4: Making an Advance Payment

Now that you know the price, you send half of the sum to the expert as an advance payment.

Step 5: Completing the Service

The expert starts working. He follows up daily to inform you about the progress.
Once he completes the service, he contacts you.
You make sure everything is ok. If you need something corrected, you let the expert know.
If everything is good, you send the remaining half of the calculated sum for the service.
All done!

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