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Google Workspace Expert Consultations

Ask questions via email

Schedule a chat with an expert
(one-to-one or including any number of people from your team)

Schedule a Google Meet session
(with or without a camera, one-to-one, or including any number of people on your team)

Bonus: Training and help resources for you and your team: admins and regular users
(step-by-step guides with screenshots for every step)

Complete Initial Setup

Initial Google Workspace Setup

Get your company’s Google Workspace onboarding and setup done by an expert
(for small businesses with 1 to 9 people, medium-sized businesses with 10 to 99, and large businesses with 100 to 2000)

Get a complete advanced email setup including all kinds of amazing options you really should take advantage of
(such as adding free email addresses, setting up email authentication, mailing lists, routing, indefinite email data retention, and more.

Bonus: Training and help resources for you and your team (admins and regular users)
(step-by-step guides with screenshots for every step)

Not Receiving Emails

Not Receiving Emails

Did you (and possibly all your Google Workspace users) suddenly stop receiving emails to your Google Workspace account?

Get help with fixing this specific issue ASAP
(avoid missing business-critical emails)

Bonus: Training and help resources for you and your team (admins and regular users)
(step-by-step guides with screenshots for every step)

Emails Marked Spam

Emails Marked Spam

Do you want to make sure that your company’s emails will not be marked as spam?

Is your business already impacted by this issue?

Get help with this ASAP
(prevent your business-critical emails from going to spam)

My Professional Google Workspace Experience

My name is Nick, and I joined Google’s official Google Workspace support team in 2013.
Two years later, in 2015, I became an Expert Consultant.
Overall, I worked for Google for 9 years and ended my career on their team in January 2022.
Here are a few facts about me:

● I handled and closed over 12,000 tickets with an above 95% customer satisfaction rate.
● I advised hundreds of top enterprise-level Google Workspace customers with tens and even hundreds of thousands of managed users.
● I resolved complex and high business impact issues and took on escalations.
● I analyzed hundreds of positive feedback reviews for patterns to learn what makes people happy with support services.
● At this point, I know everything there is to know about Google Workspace.

My Areas of Expertise: What I Can Do for You

I can assist both administrators and end users with anything, including, but not limited to:

Getting started with Google Workspace – registering your organization and setting up your account: verifying your domain; setting up MX records; creating users; setting up your billing; migrating your emails from other platforms, and more.

● Account management – managing billing settings, configuring domains; managing admin roles and permissions; personalizing your account and setting up preferences; taking care of legal and compliance matters.

● Security management – ensuring you can recover access to your account; configuring password and login settings for your users; setting up two-step verification and related settings; taking advantage of alerts and activity rules; viewing and understanding reports; settings related to third-party apps; and general info about security and privacy.

● User management – taking care of anything that has to do with user management; organizational units; configuring directory settings; merging and splitting Google Workspace accounts, and more.

● Data management – restoring deleted Google Workspace data; transferring and importing data from other services to Google Workspace; exporting data; using Google Vault to retain, search, and export data; and more.

● Services management – enabling or disabling access to Google services and third-party apps; managing settings related to the core Google Workspace services: Google Drive; Google Calendar; Google Meet; Google Chat; Google Sites; Google Currents.

● Email management – configuring Gmail settings for users in your organization; setting up email delivery settings such as forwarding, blocking, and anything else you can imagine; strengthening your company’s email safety; configuring multiple email services; setting up desktop email clients and third-party apps, and more.

● Groups management – learning the basics of Google Groups; managing members and their settings; posting; configuring account-wide settings; individual group settings, and more.

● Mobile management – activating Google Workspace mobile device management; setting up basic settings related to mobile devices; configuring Android and iOS device management settings.

● Chrome management – managing your Google Workspace users’ Google Chrome settings to control their experience in the browser; strengthening security by disabling incognito mode and other options; and more.

● Gmail – composing and sending emails; managing your mailbox; searching, labeling, filtering, and sorting; interface customization; general settings; importing and exporting emails; and more.

● Google Drive – adding or removing content; using general features; sharing; sorting content; searching; managing the user interface; shared drives; and other settings and options.

● Google Calendar – managing your calendars; adding events; configuring events and sending invitations; customizing your interface; setting up general and calendar-specific settings, and more.

● Google Meet – setting up and joining meetings; learning about the available actions and options; configuring settings; and more.

● Google Chat – using the available features and settings; direct messaging; using chat spaces; doing anything you can do in the chat service.

● Google Contacts – learning to do anything in the contacts service, such as importing or exporting, restoring contacts, and more; configuring settings and features; customizing the interface.

● Google Sites – learning how to create and manage sites: setting up pages; adding content; general site settings; editing pages; sharing, previewing, and going live on the internet; connecting a site to your domain; and more.

● Google Keep – creating notes, sorting notes, and managing the interface and settings.

The Cherry on Top: A Huge Bonus

If you can believe it, that’s not all! The cherry on top is that if you choose to work with me, there is an awesome special bonus.

I will let you know how to access and use educational resources that can help you go step-by-step through anything that has to do with Google Workspace. These resources include screenshots for every single step you need to take and can be used by your whole team.

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